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Yeshua Is Coming - Maran ATA


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My beliefs are some topics that are very interesting,
if you are unsure who God is, or who is Jesus,
then just click on one of these topics,
and Please listen to the end, and tell me what you think.

You need Real player to be able to hear or to watch, if you
don't have one please click on the link below and install it.

click here to Download real player 8 basic (Free).

Audio Files

Who is Jesus?..part 1

Who is Jesus?...part 2

Is Jesus God?

The truth about sin

The truth about sin 2

Walkin away from God..

Antichrist who is he? 1

Antichrist part 2


Video Files

Who is God

The God to whome we pray to

Eternal Life

Do you want eternal Life ?

A Call to Repentance

The Greatness of God

Knowing Holy God

Be Careful Who You Listen To

The Church: What Is It All About?

A Nation Gone Astray

Eternal Life: You Can Be Sure


Text Files

what jews think

mormon it true?

Born again and catholics and rosary

catholics and communion

mary of today's catholisim

WatchTower Society

The new world translation

True Salvation

NIV calls Jesus Lucifer